About Spoonman Games


We are an independent videogame company based in Santiago, Chile since 2017. Our members have over 10 years of experience in Game Development and Unity3D, working on 3D games, VR, AR, and 2D games. For all platforms.

We currently focus our game development inĀ Procedural Generation Content, going from the smallest details and up to the whole level design. And is our mission to build mesmerizing worlds with the best quality and experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Meet the Team

Esteban Gaete

Esteban Gaete


Founder and idealist of Spoonman Games. A constant gamer and dreamer. Loves to play any kind of games, and wants to creates all types of video games. Favorite game ever: Super Metroid for SNES.

Omar Rojo

Omar Rojo


The voice of experience in Spoonman Games. With over 10 years as a game developer and as a programmer, it's knowledge is invaluable. Details is his jam. Favorite game ever: Final Fantasy VIII.

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