Caiam Piter and the Mushroom Kingdom

Exploring the Kingdom

One of the things you will be doing a lot in “Caiam Piter and the Mushroom Kingdom” is exploring. The game will be divided by floors, and each floor will have different rooms to discover and enjoy.

As you can see, Caiam Piter moves to the room you tell him to move, for now all rooms are Empty Rooms, but we have a lot of types of rooms in development, we promise that they will surprise you!

Now, these floors are not always the same, they are created procedurally, giving different shapes and sizes.

Every time you start a new floor this will be created on the fly for you to play. The minimap will show you in which room you are, where is the exit and some other useful information, however, you won’t be seeing the full floor as shown above, that is for you to discover!

New Name

Have you noticed? We made a slightly change on the game’s name. We like it better this way, what do you think? Let us know in any of our social networks, we will be waiting for your comments 🙂

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