Caiam Piter and the Mushroom Kingdom

The Keys and Doors of the Kingdom

Welcome to “Caiam Piter and the Mushroom Kingdom”, an adventure filled with magic and dangers.

One of the challenges that you and Caiam Piter will face when exploring the kingdom is finding the exit of the floor to move to the next one, but be aware, as sometimes the exit will be locked.

So, how do you open this exit? By planting some mushroom keys on top of it of course! Locked doors will have as many holes as keys are required to open it, so you know how many of them you need to look for.

You will need to look every nook and cranny till you find them all in order to move to the next floor. But do not worry, they are pretty obvious once you find them.

Do you wonder what magical properties it has that it can levitate like that? I will not tell

Once you have found them all you can go to the exit and the passage will be opened for you, now you can go further and deeper into the Kingdom.

If you are feeling lost or forgot about the amount of key, you can always check the minimap. It will show the rooms where the keys are, and if the exit is open or still locked (if you already found it).

The Exit and the Mushroom Keys are the fundamental parts in the progression of the game, make sure to always pay attention to them and their location, it may mean the difference between a prolific mushroom and a DEAD one.

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