Caiam Piter and the Mushroom Kingdom

The Kingdom Items

Welcome to a new insight in “Caiam Piter and the Mushroom Kingdom”, the big fungi adventure.

While exploring the dungeon you will find lonely mushroom chests, and they know how dangerous it is to go alone, so you better take their help 🙂

All the items you find in your journey can be equipped and Caiam Piter will do so with pride and honor, and I must say a lot of fashion.

Chests will be all around the kingdom so make sure that you don’t miss them!. They also can be spotted in the minimap if you find yourself having problems finding them ~he he he~ (that is… if you have revealed that part of it of course).

Isn’t it wonderful my dear? There is a lot to explore and find in the Mushroom Kingdom! Don’t hesitate to reach the minimap at any time, on it you can see all the elements that you have revealed so far in one single image, but this is not all, so be ready for more surprises ~he he he~!

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