Caiam Piter and the Mushroom Kingdom

The Life in the Forest

Welcome to a new look into “Caiam Piter and the Mushroom Kingdom”, the amazing fungi experience. If you wish to read old tales <click here>.

*Ejem* Hello my dear and good day. Today we will learn about some of the other mushrooms that are wandering in the Kingdom, most of them are very aggressive and won’t hesitate to attack you so you better remember their faces and prepare accordingly ~he he he~.

This is Lerace (Leratiomyces Ceres). He is a fairly common mushroom found all across the kingdom, you can easily spot this one by his long red hat. Don’t get fooled by his thin body though, it’s quite steady and has a strong hit.

Now here it’s Mypu (Mycena Pura), it’s so pink and cute that you will want to hug it ~he he~, but DON’T!, it is kind of poisonous you know. They usually hang around the deepest area of the kingdom, they don’t want to be disturbed so you better be careful, they are fast hitters and may take you by surprise.

Finally for today, the lovely brothers Gym-Jun (Gymnopilus Junonius), its orange nature make them stand out from the crowd. The big brother is always taking care of the small one, I hope they can go out and grow together as a family. Some tales say that if you taste them you can die laughing, so is better to don’t get too close or the big one will hit you real hard.

You can go to that thing called the Internet and learn more about them if you look by their full names, *whispering* but listen to this advice, just don’t call them that in front of them, most mushroom prefer simple names ~he he~!

But wait, that is not all, there are even more mushrooms all around the kingdom, can you guess who they are by looking at their silhouette? Would you like to know more about their origins? Be ready for more news on this amazing tale soon on the following weeks.

See you soon!.

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