Callam Peter and The Mushroom Kingdom

The Beginning

“Callam Peter and the Mushroom Kingdom” is a roguelite dungeon crawler video game being developed by Spoonman Games.

In this game you play the role of Callam Peter in your quest for making your fungi reach the Virgin Grounds and grow anew. You will have to overcome all kinds of challenges; fight, survive, match, evade, manage, get rewarded. Do you think you can make it?

You will go through 25 procedurally generated dungeons uncovering the mysteries of the fungi realm and the Mushroom Kingdom. Arm yourself with a great variety of weapons and armors and fight your way through other mushrooms that will try to stop you, only one can be the first to reach the Virgin Grounds.

As you go deeper the task will be harder, but fear no death as your fungi will always return you back to life if you perish in your mission, all sacrifices will be rewarded.

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